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Corporate Training

Stress, Performance and Resilience

Every organisation is affected by mental health issues and these can be very costly:

Research has shown that in many cases, early intervention and education can be very helpful in helping individuals overcome their difficulties.  This is not to say that people will not experience stress as this is a natural part of everyday life and can be helpful when in the right doses, e.g. having some adrenaline when doing a pitch is beneficial.

The pebble practice passionately believes that healthy minds will lead to better working and that we can provide a range of services which can enhance well-being and so disrupt the development of serious stress related difficulties.

The Pebble Practice offers training and individual work which is always bespoke to meet the aims and needs of your organisation.  Our psychologists are experienced in training and lecturing and they offer a free meeting to discuss your company’s needs.

Group Training

We provide educational interactive talks that can be 90 minutes long, half-day or full day.  We also provide weekly groups.

Some of the training we do includes motivation, stress management, communication & assertiveness, sleep and weight loss.


For some people, group training is not suitable and prefer individual tailored sessions.  We take a problem focussed approach with a limited number of sessions (usually 6-8 session).

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