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Individual Therapy

Where does psychological distress come from?

There are many reasons why we can experience psychological distress such as experiences growing up or stressors in our current lives.  Sometimes we may not be aware of why we are distressed, psychological assessment and treatment can help us understand why we feel the way we do.

Some reasons may include relationship changes, work related concerns, experiences of bullying and health problems.  In small quantities, these can often be managed or dismissed, however if these are ongoing they can affect our everyday lives.

We try to find ways to manage our stressors, however when these pressures become overwhelming it often can lead to our coping mechanisms not being effective.  This is often a time when people seek out support.  Due to their training Clinical Psychologists are ideally qualified professionals to help with this area.

Psychological Assessments

Clinical Assessment

Our clinicians will meet with you to discuss your current difficulties and gain a detailed picture of your personal, social and cultural history.  Using this information they will begin to formulate an idea of what may be contributing to your current experiences.  This will be clarified with you and go on to shape your personal therapeutic plan and care.

The clinical assessment and feedback will usually take place over two sessions and is explained in greater detail during the first appointment.  Please contact us for further information.

Psychometric Assessment

Clinical Psychologists are skilled in using a range of validated psychometric tests to assess aspects of ourselves such as intelligence, personality, memory and psychological well-being.  Psychometric assessments are usually conducted after an initial clinical assessment if it is thought that they will inform the specific treatment plan.

Our Clinical Psychologists are trained in relaying the appropriate information to individuals and organisations based on the appropriate psychometric assessment.  They regularly update their knowledge and practice through professional training to ensure they continue to use psychometrics appropriately.

Our psychologists will discuss your assessment and therapy regularly with another clinical psychologist to ensure that the work is thorough and helpful.

Neuropsychological Assessment

Our Clinical Psychologists are also trained in using specialist psychometric tests that assess neurological functioning such as memory, intelligence, and executive functioning.  These can help target treatment plans with specific interventions to help remediate any possible neurological difficulties.

In addition, neuropsychological tests can help map a person’s specific strengths and abilities, this can aid work performance and allow for greater efficacy at work thereby reducing stress.

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